Welcome to AIN – the First European Algal Information Network!

Algal Information Network (AIN), developed and supported by EnAlgae in the framework of Interreg IVB Programme, aims to support the development of algae sector in Europe by improving the cooperation and knowledge of market forces, research organizations, policy and decision makers.

AIN role will be to develop productive and active initiatives able to contribute to the algae sector scale up in Europe. Among the wide set of information, news and documents available, this website hosts  the first public databases of European actors in the algae market, from research centres to industrial end-users,  associations and consultancy companies.  In addition, AIN website presents the Decision Support Tool, designed by EnAlgae: one of the most advanced IT Tools, able to provide precise concept studies for a preliminary investigation on the potential benefits of new algae facilities in NWE region.

This network aims to really facilitate the algae market take off, through the involvement of all market forces. To this end, members are welcome, and membership is completely Free!

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